Challenger! Returns This Friday!

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Next Friday! Challenger Returns!

Hammer, I plead with you...

please don't hurt 'em.

With the arrival of the Philadelphia Phillies, I returned my slight behind to a cold seat at AT&T Park for the first time since beginning of April. Purchased some nice seats from the Masons (- beware of the Illuminati) and gathered some homies to attend. It was a clear Mother's Day, nearing 60 F, but we couldn't tell since we were sitting back in the handicapped GrandMother seats (Grandmother's Day, Babin Den, is celebrated in late January in Bulgaria; Grandparents' Day is celebrated in early September in US) and it was colder than a Bulgarian witch's tit. The game was good, but not compelling enough to help us forget about the cold. Ultimately, the Giants won on Steve Holms' first major league home run - but who cares about that? Real baseball fans don't really like the Giants, do they? (Jason V. excluded.)

It took seeing MC Hammer for excitement to warm our blood. Al pointed out that Hammer had just walked by us, and I assumed he was joking. In the moments following, a well-dressed black man was shaking hands in the stands near the field. Al noted again that it was Hammer, and I realized he wasn't joking - I should have trusted the Oakland native to spot an East Bay legend. A few short minutes later, I jumped and the Reverend of Rap was kind enough to take a moment for us to capture a photo together. Did I mention he looked sharp?

Photos by Mike Thorn

Another of Mike's Hammer pics was celebrated as today's Photo du Jour on the SFist blog. You can check that out here: Also, a little surprised that Hammer didn't mention our encounter on his Twitter site. Sign up now and you can receive text messages from him.

PS Check out the new Prodigy record - HNIC II. It's hot. Horror rap? Tell me what you think. Check out some of those beats.

Bush Rules*

Thanks George W. Bush.

I said it. Don't think I'll say it again. But I do love free money - TAX REBATE! I spent that shit right away too. Just like I was supposed to. It worked.

Cruised down to the South Bay like a bat out of hell (well, not really - I borrowed Ian's car, and it shakes at 70, so much unlike Sammy Hagar, I could only drive 55) on Saturday in my roundabout journey to Berkeley for the Soul Knockout. I picked up two 1200s, a mixer and some hardcases on the cheap down in Milpitas - never thought I would have reason to say "Milpitas" again when not talking about Dave & Buster's (soon, Todd... soon, I promise).

* This title only actually rings true when read as double entendre.

Weekend Rap

Had a pretty busy weekend. Started off by checking out art show. It was overwhelming! So many friends, and just people in general. Many a pretty person there, and some cool art to boot. Don't worry if you missed this, you can still stop by the Luggage store Wednesday thru Saturday 12 - 5 pm. If you haven't gotten a chance to pick up the Hot and Cold Magazine, contact Chris or Griffin It's $30 and they are really proud of it. Amy and Richard (the Roadie) at 1984 Printing ( worked hard printing the majority of these magazines up, and they look great.


Another night partying on sketchy sixth street in SoMa. Mike Thorn's photo here makes it look like New York or something, though. It's sometimes hard to imagine the plethora of tourists and suits a mere two blocks away from this seedy area.

Challenger was, per usual, good times. My personal fav song of the night that we played was prob "Speedin" by Rick Ross and R. Kelly. I already dug the song, but I was quickly reminded of what a rad jam it was when hearing it over the system. Speaking of the system, there were some unfortunate technical difficulties, and hopefully they'll/we'll have that worked out before next time.

Party Photos by Ashley Brianna


Really came out on top at the record swap in Oakland - paid $10 for Quicksand "Slip" LP w/ Smiths cover. Paid $15 for Swiz "Hell Yes, I Cheated" 12". Was on an unexpected East Coast Hardcore kick this day. Besides the aforementioned, I got the other two OG YOT records I didn't have, 1st Wrecking Crew LP, 1st Slapshot 12", 1st SOIA LP, Quicksand "Manic Compression" - all these for $5-15 each. Grabbed OG copy of "The Evil One" by Roky Erickson, Dead Moon "Crack in the System" LP, as well as Augustus Pablo, David Bowie and Byrds LP. Skipped over OG press of Turbonegro "Apocalypse Dudes", missed "Nightfall" by Candlemass, already had Cro Mags "Age of Quarrel" (great copy went for $20).

Had fun time at the Soul Knockout, as always. Our ballroom dancers made a briefer than usual
appearance (I was running unusually late), and a couple friends were able to come out and see us play for the first time - one in particular made the trek down from the time forgotten hippie/fishing town of Bolinas. On the way home from dropping E off, I got on 80, only to realize, I didn't have cash in my wallet. I was ready for bed as it was, but got off, got cash in Emeryville. Got back on highway, stopped at toll booth, heard a little beep, drowsily handed my in the direction of the tollbooth lady. Her: "You got Fastrack." Me: "Huh??" *Handing the 20 closer to her.* Her: "You got Fastrack." Me: "Oh, shit."


Baby Cham show was cool and intimate (75 ppl?). I think that the $30 ticket price kept it intimate, but "big ups" to Sham for hooking it up! Before Baby Cham went on, three or so other dancehall MCs performed, in addition to Irie Dole holding it down on the 1's and 2's. The highlight was the older Jamaican guy named Razorblade. The 1st guy wasn't very good, and he took a cell phone call, sung that he was taking a "cellular" in patois, and then talked on the phone for 20 secs or so before leaving the stage for good.

Leading up to the show, I was curious about what Cham's set list would be like - I was only familiar with his 3 or so singles. And sure enough, those were the only originals he did. For the whole beginning of his set, he did like an autobiographical mix tape of sorts. Performed a set of classics from growing up, beginning with him as a youngster, going into his adulthood. He kept it positive on stage, and had a great presence. That said, there was no lack of ice on his person. He had diamonds on his ring, watch and chain (not one, but two "Cham" chains). He also acappella'd a 16 bar verse that he drops on an upcoming Rick Ross track.

Photos by Mike Thorn

May's Got Soul

E Da Boss and I will be holding it down at the Soul Knockout in Berkeley TONITE. Hot Grits and I celebrated the one year KO anniversary last month by giving out commemorative mix CDs, but it has been a minute now since we've been able to enjoy E's appearance at the KO. He was opening up for The Coup a couple weekends ago, and I was lucky enough to catch their set. It was their first appearance in the East Bay in 6 or 7 years. If you get a chance to see them, go do it - it's a good time, for sure. Many years in the making, and no signs of stopping or losing relevance.

this Saturday, May 10th. 10 pm.
Missouri Lounge 2600 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA

In the meantime, check out E's myspace page. Also, be on the lookout for E's first record on Finland's Timmion Records (home of Nicole Willis & the Soul Investigators).

Casilla Later??

Going into Spring Training, after some winter clearance, everyone knew that the A's would be "rebuilding." For the fan, rebuilding is a great concept, but after 27 or so outs, often still means losing. In fact, many people - myself included - were preparing themselves for a 100 loss season. But to date, losing hasn't happened.

As of May 2nd, the A's were 2nd in's Power Rankings. As of today's play, they are tied for 1st in AL west; in addition to being in a 3-way tie for best record in AL, w/ Angels and Red Sox; and just a game behind Arizona for best record in baseball.

A thing I noticed when I went to my first game of the season is that the bleachers were nearly devoid of catchy banners placed by the fans - i.e. Kotsay's Korner (now a Brave). Swisher and Haren are gone, Chavez is on the DL for a while longer. It was pretty apparent that the fans were struggling to find a player to get behind.

But now we're killing it - Santiago Casilla hasn't given up a run all season, Jack Cust was last week's AL Player of the Week, the Big Hurt was picked up on clearance. Things are working really well, while it doesn't totally make sense. The pitching is good, as is often the case, and even the hitting is pretty solid. The runs are often going on the board en masse, and they are coming in the clutch - uncharacteristic of even recent years' successful A's teams.

The A's fans have plenty to root for - just look at today's 6-5 victory, completing the sweep of Baltimore. The A's aren't giving up and are getting contributions from througout the lineup. I think it's time for new signs to garnish the bleachers. I am no sloganeer, but I humbly offer the title of this post as a suggestion.